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Cy De la Vega

I'm an SEO Specialist and Copywriter
based in Austin, Texas

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About Me

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I've worked on a wide variety of websites and clients throughout my 13 year career. I've developed a unique way of optimizing WordPress websites and know how to best ensure that WordPress sites are SEO-optimized. I'm not only an expert on website builds, but also thrive in creating marketing-forward content that entices users while using high traffic, high value keywords for ranking purposes on Google, Bing, and other search engines.

Born in El Paso, a border city to Mexico, I've also been exposed to a variety of cultures throughout my life. As a result, I've developed a unique way of marketing I've dubbed culturally adaptive. By understanding the unique needs of my audience I've managed to find the sweet spot to better target and display a business to potential consumers.

My Skills

Copywriting is my forte

I've created content for a variety of clients and for personal projects for over 13 years. My words have taken the form of press releases, blog posts, newsletters, and even social media posts.

I'm a white-hat SEO expert

I've been optimizing websites at an agency level for 3 years. This includes a background full of link building, WordPress optimization, site audits, citation building, international SEO optimization (Spanish/English), and more.

WordPress is my second home

I have worked in a variety of WordPress websites for all of my professional career as an SEO specialist. Most of my expertise is centered on optimizing WordPress installs and making them function according to Google best practices guidelines.

Bilingual In English and Spanish

I lived in Mexico for the better part of my life, allowing me the opportunity to be fully bilingual in both Spanish and English. As a result, I'm able to capture both the language and the complete understanding of how to market to the Hispanic audience through translations, content in Spanish, promotions, ad copy, and social media posts.

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My Career So Far

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February 2006

Launch of my first website

I launched my first website on WordPress focused on music news and reviews. It garnered 6,000 unique daily visitors and featured over 1,000 posts at its peak.

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May 2012

Graduated From College

Bachelors of Marketing / International Business
University of Texas at El Paso

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September 2015

Joined Geek Powered Studios

I joined a digital marketing company in Austin called Geek Powered Studios as an SEO Specialist. As of 2018, I currently hold a Senior SEO Specialist position.

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